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"giving hope through education and work"



Chicken Project

“Kuku” is Swahili for “chicken,” and that is exactly what this project is all about. We started a chicken coop as a way to provide income for players in our program. We sell them the eggs at a wholesale rate so that they can sell them for profit. All the profits go right back into the ministry to help pay for sports equipment and field maintenance. Our goal is to have up to 1,000 chickens so that we can provide a boiled egg each day to boys in our program.



Leadership Development

In this program we train a select few of our older players to become the next generation of coaches. This program is focused on leadership development and discipleship. We as staff walk alongside these junior coaches and help them become the best versions of themselves.



Doing What’s Needed

Our ministry offers a twice-per-week year-round english course to all of our "boys". 95% of them are coming from a government primary school where they sit with at least 100 other students in a class with only one teacher. Further one-on-one teaching is needed and english tutoring is where we are starting.

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